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Tuition fees at university in Greece

EU/EEA students

First cycle (bachelor's degrees) EU/EEA students are exempted from paying tuition fees at public universities and colleges in Greece. However, some master's programs may charge tuition fees. In some cases, EU/EEA students may request their textbooks free of charge.

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Non-EU students

If you don't hold the status of EU student, you will have to pay a small fee so as to cover partially your study place at public universities and colleges. Since the tuition fees vary depending on the course, we recommend you contact the institution your are interested in and ask about the exact fee. In general, non-EU students pay an average tuition fee of 1500 EUR per year, which also includes the course textbooks.

Source: Ministry of National Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, General Instructions for the Admission to Higher Education in Greece
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