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Tuition fees at university in the Netherlands

Students have to pay tuition fees, Collegegeld, at public universities and colleges in the Netherlands according to the following criteria:

Tuition fees per year for EU students*

  • Full-time students: 2209 EUR.
  • Part-time students: 1882 EUR.

Although there are also application fees, EU/EEA students are usually exempted from this payment.

*Tuition fees valid for the academic year 2022-2023.

Tuition fees for non-EU students

Tuition fees are higher for students from outside Europe, usually from approximately 5000 EUR per year to up to 25000 EUR. Additionally, you have to consider application fees, which may vary from approximately 50 to over 100 EUR depending on the study program/course you applied for. Please, check with your university the exact amount.

Source: Wet Op Het Hoger Onderwijs En Wetenschappelijk Ondersoek Art. 7.43 (The Netherlands' Law on Higher Education and Scientific Research).

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