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How to apply for university studies in the Netherlands

Application procedures to study in the Netherlands vary depending on whether you participate in undergraduate (first cycle) or graduate studies (second and third cycle).

How to apply for undergraduate studies (first cycle) in the Netherlands

If you plan to enroll in full time undergraduate studies (first cycle) at a public university in the Netherlands for the first time, you will have to submit your application through the Dutch joint application system called Studielink as explained below:

01Search for a study program or course that best meets your personal expectations and educational profile. At the program/course web page, you will see a link or banner to the joint application system, called Studielink.

02Register at Studielink to provide your personal data and information about your educational background. Through your account, you will be able to check the status of your application, change your contact information or even terminate your enrollment in a course.
If you haven't decided yet where to study, you may still sign up for an account at Studielink.
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03Once you are registered, Studielink will send to your home address a letter with a verification code (Verificatiecode brief). The verification code is used to confirm your personal and educational information. Make sure you insert your verification code through your Studielink account soon after you receive it since it has a validity of 14 days after the reception of the letter.

Please, note that your educational background and grade point average from your upper secondary studies will determine whether you qualify for the studies you applied for.

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How to apply for graduate studies (second and third cycle) in the Netherlands

Applications for graduate studies (second and third cycle) must be sent directly to the institution where you would like to enroll. In general, the application form is available for download at the study program or course website.

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