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Officially named as the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is one of the wealthiest and most productive countries in the world. Although most Bachelor's programs are taught in one of the country's official languages, German, French or Italian, you may also study in Switzerland in English, since there is an increasing number of master's and PhD programs addressed to international students. In fact, more than 49000 international students chose to study in Switzerland in 2009. That over 21% of the student population body!

Located in the Alps, Switzerland has a long history in neutrality, direct democracy and federalism. Switzerland is also home to many important international organizations, such as the Red Cross, the International Olympic Committee and the World Economic Forum, just to mention a few of them. In spite of the fact that Switzerland is not a member state of the European Union, it signed the Schengen Agreement, which affords you the opportunity to travel around Europe without the need for additional visas.

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