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Application deadlines for studies at universities in Sweden

Application deadlines in Sweden

Graduate (second cycle) and undergraduate (first cycle) programs

If you are applying for courses in English, you will have to submit your application according to the deadlines as listed below:

  • Mid January : for studies beginning in the fall semester. International students are advised to apply in this January intake.
  • Mid August : for studies beginning in the spring semester.
  • Mid October : for studies beginning in the spring semester. Non-EU students are not advised to apply in this October intake because they may not receive the residence permit on time.

What happens if you can't submit all of the documents before the deadline expires?

You are still given the chance to complete your application with the results from your exams or other documents before the semester begins. Please, ask your university or college about this option.

Source: Studera.nu. Studera.nu is an educational resource managed by The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education in cooperation with The National Admissions Office to Higher Education.

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