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How to apply for university studies in Spain

First cycle degree (bachelor's)

The process of application for undergraduate studies in Spain varies depending on the country where you finished your upper secondary school or high school studies.

How to apply for first cycle studies in Spain

If you are applying for a first cycle degree in Spain, you will need to obtain a "Credencial". The "Credencial" is a document that validates your eligibility for university studies in Spain. Below are the steps you have to follow to successfully apply for studies in Spain:

01Search for a program and institution of your interest. Here at you will find plenty of study programs offered by state-accredited higher education institutions in Spain.

02Gather all the required documents:

EU students and students from China:

  • A notarized or certified copy of the academic records of the last two pre-university academic years.
  • A notarized or certified copy of the document that confirms you are able to access the higher education system in your country.

Non-EU students and students from countries with no reciprocal agreements with Spain:

  • A legalized copy of the academic records of the last two pre-university academic years.
  • You need to receive a recognition (homologación in Spanish) of your upper secondary school (high school) studies. This recognition certifies your school studies are equivalent to those in Spain in order for you to be able to access higher education studies at a Spanish university or college. You will need to submit the homologación document or the receipt stating you are in the process of obtaining such recognition. You may request online the recognition of your previous studies at the Spanish National Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. The service accepts applications on an ongoing basis.
  • If the documents were not originally issued in Spanish, they must be translated into Spanish.

03Apply online for your certificate to access higher education studies in Spain, called "Credencial". We at are an accredited organization. In collaboration with the official body UNED, we are able to process your application and produce your "Credencial" if you meet the requirements.

Check out our Spain University Admission Service

04You may apply for your study program at the university of your choice even if you are still waiting to receive your "credencial". Your institution will access the unified applications system and will verify your "Credencial".

Second cycle degrees (master's and PhD) or transfer students

If you are a graduate or a transfer student seeking to study in Spain, you will need to contact directly your host university and check the admission criteria.

As a transfer student, you will have to contact the coordinator of the study program you are interested in and ask him/her to review the courses you have already passed at your home university. You will agree with him/her on which courses you can have recognized for your Spanish program.

In general, you will be asked to fill in a form listing the courses you have passed at your home university, the courses learning outcomes or syllabus, and the number of hours or credits each of your passed courses is worth. Don't forget you will also be asked to have your documents translated into Spanish by an authorized translator.

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