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Spain, a country of an extraordinary beauty, is home to some of the most ancient universities in Europe and the cradle to one of the most important languages in the world: Spanish. Member of the European Union since 1986, Spain has become the most popular destination for students within the educational exchange program Erasmus and for summer study abroad programs. No matter you plan to study in Spain a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree, or enroll in a summer study abroad program, the Spanish educational system is designed to provide students with a wide range of subjects and study opportunities. While the usual language of instruction is Spanish, you will also find many degrees offered in English or any other foreign language.

Whether it is its vibrant life style, its multicultural and international population, its amazing balance between modernity and history, Spain offers students like you an experience of a lifetime. Welcome to study in Spain!

Study in Spain quick facts.

In Spain, the school year runs from September to June, with two intakes: the main one takes place in June and a second round is held in September. Always aim at applying for your studies in Spain as soon as possible in order to meet the deadlines.

Higher education study programs in Spain are categorized per cycles following the European Higher Education Area guidelines, i.e., first cycle programs = bachelor's degrees; second cycle programs = master's degrees; and third cycle programs = PhD degrees.

Tuition fees in Spain vary depending on the amount of ECTS you register for. In general, students have to pay 12.50 - 30 EUR per ECTS for first cycle programs, 16 to 45 EUR for second cycle programs, and 16 - 55 EUR per ECTS for third cycle programs.

One school year equals 60 ECTS.

First cycle programs are worth 180 - 240 ECTS; second cycle programs are worth 60 - 120 ECTS; while third cycle programs don't have a specific ECTS range.

The old university entrance examination, called "Selectividad", is no longer required for international students to study in Spain.

Here on we've taken the time to review thousands of study programs offered by state-accredited institutions in Spain so that your studies can be recognized internationally.

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