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How to apply for university studies in Portugal

The application process for studies at universities and polytechnics in Portugal varies depending on whether you intend to enroll in a program as an undergraduate (first cycle) student or graduate (second and third cycle) student, and the responsible body of the institution, i.e., whether public or private, as explained below.

How to apply for undergraduate (first cycle) degrees at public institutions in Portugal

In order for you to apply for first cycle programs at public institutions in Portugal, you will have to follow 2 main steps as explained below:

01You must first get your upper secondary school studies and your school leaving certificate officially recognized as you will have to present these documents during the application process. You may ask for an official recognition of your previous studies at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your home country or at your country's embassy or consulate in Portugal
Locate your nearest Portuguese embassy or consulate

02Submit your application through the Portuguese online centralized system ("candidatura online"). With your account, you may choose up to 6 universities/polytechnics and study programs you would like to apply for, in order of preference
[Apply online for first cycle studies at public institutions in Portugal]

[View a demo application "Simulador de candidatura"]

Do you have any questions or concerns? You may contact a Higher Education Admissions Office

How to apply for graduate (second and third cycle) degrees at public institutions and for any type of degree at private institutions in Portugal

You will have to submit your application to the school of your choice. Along with your application, you will also have to attach evidence of your previous studies, as your university or polytechnic will evaluate whether you qualify for the program you applied for. You may need to have your documents translated if requested by the institution you are applying for.

Please, note that applicants are usually ranked according to their grade point average from their previous studies. In Portugal, students' performance at higher education is evaluated by following a grade point scale with a minimum grade point of 10 and a maximum grade point of 20.

You may use the European grades comparison chart to learn how you would score in Europe.

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