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Tuition fees at university in Hungary

Every year, the Government of Hungary determines the number of students who can apply for higher education studies as "state-funded" students. "State-funded" students don't have to pay either tuition or registration fees, although they might be asked to partially contribute to their education for a small amount depending on the study program. In addition, institutions rank their applicants based on previous academic achievement. Those students with best academic records may fall under the "state-funded" student category.

If you are an EU student or your country has reciprocal agreements with Hungary, you may also qualify as a "state-funded" student. Please, contact the institution you are interested in to learn more about your status.

If you are not an EU student or you don't fall within the "state-funded" category of student, you will have to pay tuition and registration fees. The tuition fees vary largely depending on the study program and institution. In general, tuition fees for first cycle (bachelor's) degrees are approximately 1000 EUR per academic year on average, while tuition fees for second cycle (master's) degrees are 1500 EUR per semester on average. In addition, registration fees range from 40 EUR to up to 800 EUR depending on the course. Please be informed that registration fees may also vary within the same institution depending on the course you would like to enroll in.

Source: Act CXXXIX of 2005 on Higher Education in Hungary

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