Study in France

The French grading system

In France, students' academic performance is evaluated according to the grade point scale as explained below:

International scale French scale
20 - 16 (Très Bien)
(very good, with few errors)
14 - 16 (Bien)
(good, with some errors)
12 - 14 (Assez bien)
(satisfactory, with many errors)
10 - 12 (Passable)
10 - 12 (Passable)

In general, grades above 16 are rarely awarded.

You can use the European grades comparison chart to learn how you would score in Europe.

Source: Eurydice database (Eurydice is an international educational database developed by the European Commission and Member States of the European Union with the aim of facilitating and improving the understanding of the different educational systems in Europe).
Baccalauréat 2010 - France Ministry of National Education.

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