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How to apply for university studies in Denmark

First cycle (Bachelor's) programs

If you are an undergraduate student (first cycle student) seeking for a study place at university or college in Denmark, you will have to submit your application through the Danish Coordinated Application System (Den Koordinerede Tilmelding, KOT).

How does it work?

Applying for bachelor's programs in Denmark is quite easy. Simply create an account on, where you will be given the chance to indicate your personal data, previous education information as well as list the study programs you are interested in. is an electronic joint application system created by the Danish Ministry of Education. Even if you don't still don't have a Danish CPR number, you can register and apply for the programs of your choice. You can download here a user guide with all the steps you have to take to apply for studies in Denmark in the event you don't have a CPR number.

Graduate programs (second and third cycle programs)

If you are a graduate student seeking to study in Denmark, you will need to contact directly the institution of your choice and check the admission criteria.

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