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How to apply for university studies in Belgium

Applications for bachelor's (first cycle), master's (second cycle), and PhD studies (third cycle) are sent directly to the higher education institution in Belgium of your choice. The institution will examine the submitted documentation, will check whether you are eligible for the study program or course you applied for, will inform you on whether you have to pass an admission or aptitude test, and will issue a letter of acceptance in case you are finally admitted.

In general, foreign students in Belgium are requested to submit the documentation described below in order to evaluate their eligibility for higher education studies:

  • A filled-in application form for the selected study program or course. This form can be usually downloaded from the university or college website or even filled-in electronically.
  • For some study programs, you might have to pass an aptitude test.

For undergraduate studies: an attested copy of your upper secondary school certificate and a copy of the results from the university entrance examinations in your home country.

For Master's programs: an attested copy of your Bachelor's degree certificate.

For PhD studies: an attested copy of your Master's program certificate.

Even though the majority of higher education institutions have electronic application systems, you may be requested to send your documents by post too in order to verify their authenticity. Be advised that most institutions require your documents to be legalized.

Please, check at your institution website if you need to submit further documentation.

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