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Recommendations to successfully pass your studies in a bilingual program in Europe

Studying a bilingual program is not only a great chance for you to master more than one language, but it also represents more options for your future career regardless of your field of studies.

Here at you can compare study programs based on their language of instruction. Some of these programs are taught entirely in English while others are bilingual English and an additional language. Maybe the program you like best is fully taught in English. Or maybe it is only partially taught in English, in which case you still shouldn't be discouraged to come study in Europe.

European universities and colleges are aware of the fact that the language of instruction may represent a barrier for student mobility. As a result, some institutions provide their international students with support to learn the language they don't feel comfortable with so that they can successfully pass their studies.

The two most important factors to consider when enrolling in a bilingual study program

  • 1 - We would recommend you to carefully choose an institution that offers support to learn the language through courses specially designed for international students. These courses usually take place about one month before the start of your studies and they allow you to rapidly understand the essentials of the language and even get to know the culture and society of your new place.
  • 2 - In addition to enrolling in a language course, you should always consult with your program coordinator or teachers about the possibility of studying with alternative course books and texts in English and even take your exams in English while you are still learning the new language.

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