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What are the pros and cons of distance learning courses in Europe?

Have you ever thought of enrolling in distance learning courses? Sometimes you may feel discouraged to come study in Europe because of the bureaucratic procedures you have to go through to obtain, for example, a study visa. Some other times it is the fact that you may not be able to afford your staying in another country what makes you veer away from studying abroad in Europe. No matter what your reason is, the good news is that you can still study in Europe without leaving your home: why not enrolling in distance learning courses?

Benefits of distance learning courses

Many European universities and colleges are now offering education opportunities through distance learning courses as they have quite interesting benefits for students such as:

  • Distance learning courses set you free from space and time constraints: you can study wherever you are and whenever you feel more focused to learn as long as you have an Internet connection to access the learning system
  • More affordable: this is definitely one of the advantages of enrolling in distance learning courses. You can study from home, compared to having to move abroad
  • Large education offer: unlike in the real world, you are limited by the study programs available at the school of your choice. However, you may choose to enroll in distance learning courses at any school in Europe from the convenience of your home
  • Support: this is actually one of the features we’ve most appreciated of the distance learning courses we’ve taken. You can conveniently email your teacher and have your questions resolved within a few hours. Or you may also ask a question to the rest of your classmates in the forum or chat room of the learning system
  • Distance learning courses promote lifelong learning: indeed, many of those of us who have ever enrolled in a distance learning course do it because we need to increase our knowledge in a specific subject after having finished our degrees. With distance learning courses, you can still keep your life style and work while updating your knowledge without any type of clash

A disadvantage of distance learning courses

While distance learning courses might be an option for many of you, you have to think that not all degrees can be studied through distance learning. You should also think of one disadvantage all distance learning courses share: social isolation. The interaction among students and teachers is done online, which may be a negative side as you may loose one of the most important parts of your life as a student: social interaction with other people.

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